Affectionately known as ‘Big Rob’, it’s no surprise that business owner and trainer Rob has extensive experience in body building, and body transformation. His tried and true training methods (no fads here) have enabled him to assist clients to improve strength, muscle tone, sports performance and body image.

In recent years Rob has expanded upon his knowledge to include the impact of exercise and sound nutrition on areas of men’s health. His particular interest lies in helping men in their 40’s and beyond to regain control of their weight, health, self confidence and vitality.


Katy’s passion for health and fitness started early. Obsessed with sport and fitness at school, Katy went on to complete a university degree in Sports Science, worked out of gyms pretty much all of her life, and ultimately joined forces with Rob in building THE FIRM Gym.

Throughout her 25 years as a group fitness instructor, Katy helped many clients to achieve extreme fitness and astounding body change. Attendees to her sessions experienced a level of instructor commitment that they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Having retired from group fitness instruction, Katy now focuses on personal training. Applying the same upfront demeanour and no-nonsense training methods, Katy remains committed to helping people change their health, their bodies and their lives. “Fitness can be incredibly empowering. Exercise can separate a good day from a bad day”.